About Winranx

Hello! and Welcome to Winranx, the largest free resource site for Windows lovers.

At Winranx, our main aim is to provide cutting-edge helpful Windows tutorials & how-to guides, freeware, and related stuff that are easy to understand for technical, and non-techy users who’re running the Windows operating system on their laptops or PCs.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • “What is Windows?”
  • “How can I do ______ in Windows?”
  • “How do I fix ______ Windows error?”
  • “What are the best steps to follow in Windows to fix any issue?”

Or if you have any query related to the Windows operating system, then you’re in the RIGHT place!

Why WinranX (Our Story)

My name is Viney Dhiman, and I’m the founder of Winranx.

The Winranx story begins in 2016 when I first discovered WordPress while searching for a blogging platform. After writing about the Windows platform on some useful sites related to Windows Niche. I decided to use setup my site.

In 2018 due to some reason, I stopped publishing content on the blog, but in 2019 I decided to start publishing the content again.

If you have any questions about Windows and related products, then please don’t hesitate to contact us using the following modes:

Alternatively, you can tweet us @winranx

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!